Technical Support

Trouble Shooting

Technical Support

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Technical Support

Trouble Shooting

Eco Energy & Solar Solutions prides ourselves on our after sales service. One of our friendly Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers are always available to help you.

Our experience tells us that over 90% of queries can be simply resolved by working through the basic checklist below. If you’ve competed for the steps or not confident attempting them on your own, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team for support, contact details below.


If the above error message appears or there are no lights or display on the inverter, you may need to perform a system restart to resolve the issue. The correct way to shut down and restart the PV Solar System is listed below and they should be followed accordingly:

  • Go to your inverter if the GREEN light is on System is working correctly, if the RED light is on a fault is indicated and please follow the below procedure, if you have an AMBER light with a State Code please press the fourth button on your right to clear the state code
  • If you Inverter is next to your switchboard please open the Switchboard and Turn OFF the “MAIN SWITCH INVERTER SUPPLY” circuit breaker. If your inverter is not located next to your switchboard please Turn Off” INVERTER AC Isolator”
  • Turn Off “PV ARRAY DC ISOLATOR” located next to your inverter or underneath your inverter (depending on your Inverter manufacturer)
  • Please wait a minimum of five minutes before turning your system back on
  • To switch the system back on please follow these steps in the reverse order

PLEASE NOTE: When Circuit Breaker are in the up position they are switched ON and Down is OFF.

Allow the system to reconnect for a few minutes and see if the error messages and/or lights are still faulting. If the fault persists, please contact our friendly team to advise of the issue, if you do have a fault or Error Code please have this handy so our team can assess before attending site.

Please contact our friendly team via email [email protected] with the Subject heading Inverter Error, via phone on 02 67609462, by our Facebook Messenger page or via this website through the contact us section.


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