Residential Solar

Eco Energy & Solar Solutions has over 10 years’ experience in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of solar systems across NSW. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your home.

Residential Solar

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Energy, Free From The Sun..

Eco Energy & Solar Solutions has over 10 years’ experience in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of solar PV systems across NSW.

Solar PV panels are a relatively inexpensive way of installing renewable energy in your home or business. The main advantage of solar panels is reducing your electricity consumption from the grid.

With your own solar system, generating your own source of green electricity, free from the sun, will save you serious money over the 25 + year design life of the system.

Coal fire electricity supplied to you through the electricity network will continue to escalate in price due to many factors including rising network infrastructure costs delivering electricity to your door over vast distances.

Eco Energy & Solar Solutions offers a large choice in solar products, we can assist you to tailor a solution that works best for your home. It’s as easy as 123!


'Where Quality Matters'

Eco Energy and Solar Solutions will only recommend the best quality products to you combined with a top quality installation by our own in house installation crew. With over 11 years experience we will look after you from start to finish and be here for your after sales support also.

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Custom systems just for you !

Eco Energy and Solar Solutions does not believe in ‘one size fits all’ packages.

We prefer to discuss with you your power usage and analyse your electricity bills to design the system to your exact needs!

With the range of inverters and panels we have to offer we can work within your budget.

Why pay $$$ for too much solar or receive not enough? Our professional Solar Specialists are more than happy to offer advise and design a system to power your home.

We specialise in one very important aspect – Quality.!

While first impressions do matter!, It is the long-lasting, long-term impact which is essential to Eco Energy and Solar Solutions.

Why go solar ?

Energy Bills on the rise !

Energy bills are only getting higher and higher, putting greater pressure on the costs of living for households and business. We can help change that with solar!

Become energy efficient!

Generating electricity from your own solar system means you will reduce your dependency on the grid.

Battery Storage options!

With battery storage, you can have solar-generated power running your home even after the sun goes down, and maximise your solar power energy needs.


The sun does not send a bill - you save on energy costs from day one by producing your own solar power.


We’ll work hard to understand your energy goals and develop a quote for a system that suits your needs.


Our expert installation team will set up your new system and make sure you understand how it functions.

Start Saving

The savings on your electricity start straight away – many homeowners see reduced energy costs immediately.

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