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Building on REC's multiple award-winning innovations, the REC Alpha Pure family of solar panels empowers you to take full advantage of solar energy. Packing in cutting-edge technologies to deliver higher power density, stunning aesthetics, and minimal environmental impact – all with the renowned quality of REC

REC Solar Panels

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About REC:

We understand that solar is a long-term investment and with that, we believe in giving you the best quality products that will last for decades. That is why we choose to install solar panels from REC. REC is an international manufacturer of solar panels dedicated to empowering homeowners and businesses with clean, affordable power. REC’s combination of product quality, reliability, and commitment to sustainability makes them the ideal brand for your solar investment, on whatever scale you need.

Building on REC’s multiple award-winning innovations, the REC Alpha Pure family of solar panels empowers you to take full advantage of solar energy.

Packing in cutting-edge technologies to deliver higher power density, stunning aesthetics, and minimal environmental impact  all with the renowned quality of REC



Certified Solar Professional

Eco Energy and Solar Solutions is a REC Certified Solar Professional

Why should you choose an REC Certified Solar Professional installer?

Quality product, Quality installation
Knowing that not only is the panel of high quality, but also that the person installing it is highly skilled and trained, gives you greater peace of mind.

Added comfort
Take comfort in knowing that your solar installer has been carefully selected, trained, and certified by REC. To be an ‘REC Certified Solar Professional’, the installer must be able to offer best-in-class service and reliability.

Through this, REC ensures that solar installers are equipped with the know-how and best practices to install REC panels and can assure you that, in addition to high-quality REC solar panels, you will receive a high-quality solar installation.

Pioneering panel designs

REC Alpha Pure-R takes this further and divides the panel into four sections, producing even more energy in shade

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Why choose REC..

Your home deserves a solar energy system that looks great and delivers strong power output in all conditions. REC’s premium solar panels provide you with ideal solutions for residential homes and commercial installations that will deliver on long-term reliability and high power.

  • High power density to maximize savings on your energy bills
  • Cutting-edge and multiple award-winning technology, e.g., Intersolar Award Winner 2020 in the “Photovoltaic” category
  • REC products named a Top Performer in the PVEL Product Reliability Tests 7 years in a row

REC Alpha Pure-R

an exciting solar panel that ticks all the right boxes

Advanced cell connection technology

  • Increased number of wires greatly improves flow of electricity current
  • Eliminating invasive soldering removes risk of cell damage or microcracks for long-lasting high performance
  • Stylish looks thanks to thin, barely-visible wires and uniformly black-colored cells
  • Full-black variant is a design masterpiece and the most elegant feature for your home
  • Solder-free cells
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing drastically reduces carbon footprint


Lead free

Lead removed from all panel components, including cell connections, cross connectors and junction box soldering

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Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology


  • No LID = no power loss; you get the power you pay for
  • Leading temperature coefficient means more energy as temperature rises
  • Higher power for greater savings and accelerated return on investment
  • With high power density (watts/m²), REC Alpha Pure and Pure-R panels generate more energy from the same area, getting more from limited spaces
  • REC Alpha Pure Series delivers around 16% more power on your roof compared to conventional panels


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Gapless cell layout


  • Innovative gapless cell layout increases active area of the panel to capture more sunlight
  • Boosts power density to impressive 223 watts/m², with panel power reaching 430 Wp
  • Higher power in a compact panel size
  • Elegant full-black design

The innovative gapless cell layout ensures even better performance under partial shade, e.g., from trees or chimneys, and with its full black appearance, the REC Alpha Pure-R is an elegant solution for all home rooftops and customers wanting to do all they can for the environment.

Pioneering panel designs

  • REC’s award-winning and iconic Twin design splits the REC Alpha Pure into two ‘Twin’ sections
  • Reduces internal resistance for more power and reliability
  • Continued energy production in shaded conditions means you see higher energy yields
  • REC Alpha Pure-R takes this further and divides the panel into four sections, producing even more energy in shade

Premium solar panel warranty

25 year product warranty

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Super-strong frame


  • Support bars protect cells and glass from bending under load
  • Allows extreme loads up to 7000 Pa
  • Panels maintain high performance levels over the installation lifetime
  • 30 mm frame height makes panel easier to handle
  • Frame design allows optimized transportation: more panels/pallet = more panels/container = fewer trucks on the road = more savings


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