Solar Maintenance

Solar Servicing & Maintenance

Solar Maintenance

Maintain Your Solar System

Why service my solar power system?       

Your solar power system may be quiet, but it’s working hard every day to produce clean electricity for your home. The panels on your roof are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, while your inverter tirelessly plays the middleman between AC and DC electricity.

There’s no doubt that solar power systems are built to be tough and reliable, but just like running a car, regular servicing is the best way to ensure everything remains safe and efficient.

Eco Energy & Solar Solutions recommends servicing your solar power system once a year. This will guarantee that your unit is producing as much renewable electricity as it should be.

Most importantly, regular solar power system servicing helps safeguard against any mechanical problems in the future, so that you can get the most out of your investment.

How much does it cost?

You’ll find our servicing rates to be very competitive, with further discounts available in ‘bulk servicing’ locations, such as lifestyle villages etc.

Our health prices vary, please enquire for our prices in your area.

What happens during a solar power system service?

We pride ourselves on offering quick and thorough workmanship, minimising any inconvenience to you.

Our specially-trained technicians generally complete a service in less than 2 hours. You don’t have to be at home, but we will need access to your switchboard, inverter and roof.

The following checks and tasks will be provided as part of your service:

  • A detailed clean of your inverter, in order to minimise dust and other matter affecting the electrical components
  • kW/h production tests of your system, to ensure it still meets expected energy outputs
  • Shade impact monitoring and advice where necessary
  • Inspection of the wiring integrity and wiring enclosures, ensuring that no damage has been caused by UV rays, heat, vermin or other forces
  • Anti-islanding tests
  • Junction box checks – ensuring they remain water-tight and free from moisture ingress
  • A test of all associated switches and circuit breakers to check that they are operational and all terminations are secure
  • Inspection and maintenance of all safety warning labels
  • A comprehensive clean of your panels*: removing dust, grit, bird droppings, residue, moss and any other debris that could be affecting efficiency
    *For an additional fee of $5 per panel


Scheduling maintenance & service

To schedule maintenance and service for your solar power system contact us via our website enquiry section or call our customer service team on Ph: (02) 67609462.

Sub-system or component

Maintenance Action





(a)  Cleanliness (accumulation of debris around and/or under array

(b)  No shading of array


Clean site as required


Trim Trees

PV Modules

Verify cleanliness

(accumulation of dust or fungus on array)


Clean if necessary

Check for visual defects including:

(a)  Fractures

(b)  Browning

(c)  Moisture Penetration

(d)  Frame corrosion

1 year

Modules with visual defects should be further inspected for performance and safety to determine the need for replacement.

PV Modules cont...

Inspect junction boxes for:


(a)  tightness of connections

(b)  water accumulation/build up

(c)  integrity of lid seals

(d)  integrity of cable entrance, glands and / or conduit sealing;

(e)  integrity of clamping devices


Verify bypass diodes


1 year

Any defective seals, clamps and bypass diodes should be replaced

Wiring Installation

Verify mechanical integrity of conduits.

5 year

Any damaged conduit should be replaced

Verify insulation integrity of cables installed without conduit.

5 year

Any damaged cable should be replaced

Check junction boxes for:

(a)  tightness of connections

(b)  water accumulation/build up

(c)  integrity of lid seals

(d)  integrity of cable entrance, glands and/or conduit sealing

(e)  integrity of clamping devices

Verify :

(a)  blocking diodes

(b)  surge arrestors for degradation


Any defective seals, clamps and bypass diodes should be replaced

Check connections for:

(a)  tightness of connections

(b)  corrosion




Electrical Characteristics

Measure open circuit voltages


1 year


Measure short circuit voltages


1 year


Protective Devices

Verify integrity of fuses


1 year


Verify operation of CB and RCD’s


1 year


Verify operation of earth fault protection system


1 year


Verify operation of solar array isolation device


1 year


Mounting Structures

Verify tightness and integrity of bolts and other fastening devices


1 year


Inspect for corrosion


5 year


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