Taminda Smash Repairs

Taminda Smash Repairs

Eco Energy & Solar Solutions was responsible for engineering, producing and constructing the solar system at Taminda Smash Repairs, Tamworth NSW.

Project Details

Client: Taminda Smash Repairs
Location: Tamworth, NSW
Date of Completion: April 2014
Solar System Peak Capacity: 28kw
Solar Panels: 250w Trina
Inverter: 15kw, 10kw and 5kw SMA (German)
Financial Benefit: Year 1 $10,737, over 25 Years – $268,425 Solar electricity generated: 45,990 kWh per annum
Environmental Benefits: 48.74 tonnes of CO2e saved per annum

flash_on 28 Kilowatt System

Benefits of solar

The system establishes Taminda Smash Repairs as an industry and community leader in environmental initiatives. It visibly demonstrates commitment to taking action on climate change and simultaneously provides it with financial and environmental benefits.