Northhaven Recycling Plant

Northhaven Recycling Plant

Eco Energy & Solar Solutions was responsible for engineering, producing and constructing the solar system at the Northhaven Recycling Plant, Inverell NSW.

Project Details

Client: Northhaven Recycling plant
Location: Inverell, NSW
Date Of Completion: March 2013
Solar System Peak Capacity: 30kw
Solar Panels: 250w Trina
Inverter: 2 x 15kw SMA
Financial Benefit: Year 1 – $9855, over 25 years – $430,500
Solar Electricity Generated: 49,275 kWh per annum
Environmental Benefits: 52.23 tonnes of CO2e saved per annum

flash_on 30 Kilowatt System

Benefits of Solar

The system establishes the Northhaven Recycling plant as a community leader in environmental initiatives. It visibly demonstrates commitment to taking action on climate change and simultaneously provides it with financial and environmental benefits.