Off-Grid Solutions

Off-Grid Solutions

No Grid ? No worries !

Eco Energy and Solar Solutions specialise in the design and installation of Off Grid solar systems using only top quality products with first class installation to ensure you stay powered.

Battery-Box RES10 / PRO10

Spec: Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. Each module is 2.56kWh / 52V in a 19” 3RU case. Available in RES (IP55) and PRO (IP20) cabinets. Does not need internet.

Applications: Ideal for both grid-connected storage and/or back-up applications as well as remote off-grid applications.

Function: Stores daytime solar energy for use at other times of the day and night. May also store ‘off-peak’ grid energy in certain conditions.

Sizing: Min 1 (2.56kWh). Up to 4 per cabinet (10.24kWh). Max of 8 cabinets (32 batteries) may be connected in parallel (82kWh).

B Plus 2.56kWh Module
BYD IP20 Cabinet

MultiPlus or Quattro Inverter/Charger

Spec: 48V Inverter/Chargers. Models available in sizes from 2.4-12kW continuous supply and 3-15kW for 30min.

Function: This is the primary ‘mini-grid’ creation device. It uses energy from the battery to create the AC grid line. It can also use energy from a generator or AC-Coupled solar systems to re-charge the battery.

May be ‘stacked’ for larger capacity and/or three-phase applications.

Quattro InverterCharger

Color Control GX or Venus GX

Spec: User interface & control panel, web connectivity and device communications hub.

Function: Control unit and user interface that connects to the BYD BMU as well as all the Victron equipment. It can report system data to Victron’s VRM monitoring portal and/or store data locally on an SD card if internet is not available.

CCGX needs a cable to the router or a WiFi dongle. Venus is already WiFi-enabled.

The CCGX is shown on the following diagrams as it has a colour display screen. The Venus has the same core functionality and may be used instead. The Venus may be interfaced with via it’s on-board WiFi or the LAN it is connected to.

Color Control GX
Venus GX

Adding DC-Coupled Solar? Use Victron’s MPPT Regulators

Spec: An extensive range of models are available in the ‘SmartSolar MPPT’ family. The 85A model will handle ~5kW of PV while the 100A model will handle ~6kW.

Function: The MPPT Reguators will allow solar PV to directly charge the batteries on the DC side of the system.

Multiple regulators may be used on one system. Use a VE.Direct cable to connect the regulator to the CCGX or Venus controller.

SmartSolar MPPT Regulator
VE.Direct Cable

Victron Accessories

RJ45-UTP Cable: connects the MultiGrid to the Controller.

Mk3-USB cable (optional): MultiGrid programming tool (for the installers’ IT toolbox).

RJ45 UTP Cable
Mk3-USB Tool

Single phase Off-Grid System with AC- and DC- Coupled Solar

Single Phase Off Grid System

Tesla Off Grid

Powerwall 2 – Tesla Home Battery Storage

Tesla Off-Grid System

Tesla is now available for off-grid installations, enabling people in standalone properties to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle using solar energy and lithium battery storage.

*Generate and store enough power to supply your home’s energy needs with a complete solar and battery system

*Enjoy a reliable system at one of the lowest costs per watt of any integrated off-grid solar system

*Control your system and manage your energy generation and consumption in real time with the Tesla app



Water-resistant and dust proof for indoor or outdoor installation.



Manage your system from anywhere in the world with 24/7 mobile monitoring.



With an integrated battery inverter, The Powerwall 2 is the most affordable home battery in terms of cost per kWh.

Battery Technology

Innovation in battery technology has come a long way in providing efficient storage solutions for domestic and commercial properties as part of an integrated PV system. The ability to store power generated throughout the day for use in peak demand periods is crucial in decreasing reliance on the grid and protecting against power outages.

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