Off-Grid Solutions

Off-Grid Solutions

Battery-Box RES10 / PRO10

Spec: Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. Each module is 2.56kWh / 52V in a 19” 3RU case. Available in RES (IP55) and PRO (IP20) cabinets. Does not need internet.

Applications: Ideal for both grid-connected storage and/or back-up applications as well as remote off-grid applications.

Function: Stores daytime solar energy for use at other times of the day and night. May also store ‘off-peak’ grid energy in certain conditions.

Sizing: Min 1 (2.56kWh). Up to 4 per cabinet (10.24kWh). Max of 8 cabinets (32 batteries) may be connected in parallel (82kWh).

B Plus 2.56kWh Module
BYD IP20 Cabinet
BYD IP55 Cabinet

MultiPlus or Quattro Inverter/Charger

Spec: 48V Inverter/Chargers. Models available in sizes from 2.4-12kW continuous supply and 3-15kW for 30min.

Function: This is the primary ‘mini-grid’ creation device. It uses energy from the battery to create the AC grid line. It can also use energy from a generator or AC-Coupled solar systems to re-charge the battery.

May be ‘stacked’ for larger capacity and/or three-phase applications.

Quattro InverterCharger

Color Control GX or Venus GX

Spec: User interface & control panel, web connectivity and device communications hub.

Function: Control unit and user interface that connects to the BYD BMU as well as all the Victron equipment. It can report system data to Victron’s VRM monitoring portal and/or store data locally on an SD card if internet is not available.

CCGX needs a cable to the router or a WiFi dongle. Venus is already WiFi-enabled.

The CCGX is shown on the following diagrams as it has a colour display screen. The Venus has the same core functionality and may be used instead. The Venus may be interfaced with via it’s on-board WiFi or the LAN it is connected to.

Color Control GX
Venus GX

Adding DC-Coupled Solar? Use Victron’s MPPT Regulators

Spec: An extensive range of models are available in the ‘SmartSolar MPPT’ family. The 85A model will handle ~5kW of PV while the 100A model will handle ~6kW.

Function: The MPPT Reguators will allow solar PV to directly charge the batteries on the DC side of the system.

Multiple regulators may be used on one system. Use a VE.Direct cable to connect the regulator to the CCGX or Venus controller.

SmartSolar MPPT Regulator
VE.Direct Cable

Victron Accessories

RJ45-UTP Cable: connects the MultiGrid to the Controller.

Mk3-USB cable (optional): MultiGrid programming tool (for the installers’ IT toolbox).

RJ45 UTP Cable
Mk3-USB Tool

Single phase Off-Grid System with AC- and DC- Coupled Solar

Single Phase Off Grid System

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