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Off Grid - Giant Power




Integrated Power Systems

Introducing a revolution in off grid power management – Giant Power Integrated
Power Systems. The ultimate all-in-one unit for managing solar and battery
systems, Giant Power Integrated Power Systems are ideal for off grid power in
remote locations. 
Giant Power Integrated Power Systems (IPS) are the ultimate all-in-one unit
for managing solar and battery systems. Each IPS combines the functionality
of a solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and multi-stage AC
battery charger into one central unit, eliminating the need for numerous
devices andexcess cabling. Ideal for portable power setups such as caravans
or motorhomes, and offgrid power setups in remote locations.

 IPS 2400WM 2 

    IPS 2400WM 1     IPS 4000WM

Key Features

Maximum Power Point Tracking
60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Connect your solar cabling or solar panels directly into your

IPS, then sit back and relax while it controls the solar voltage

and ensures it is converted to a safe level for your batteries.

MPPT technology provides up to 30% more power than PWM

controllers through superior efficiency.

Pure Sine Wave
4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Don't restrict yourself to low voltage appliances - convert your

DC power from batteries and solar to 240V AC, and run your

mains power appliances. Pure Sine Wave ensures that sensitive

electronics can be safely run without risk of damage.

Multi Stage Charger
60A Multi-Stage Battery Charger

Not getting enough solar to keep your batteries full? Not a

problem with the built in multi-stage AC battery charger.

Connect to an alternate power source and the smart charger

will top upyour batteries and keep them happily on float.

Auto start generator functionality
Auto-Start Generator Functionality

Ensure your system is always ready for whatever you can

throw at it. Simply connect a compatible generator, set up when

you want it to engage, and leave the rest up to the IPS.

If your batteries are getting too low or your inverter is being

overloaded, your generator will automatically kick in to supply

the extra juice, and switch off again when it's no longer needed.

Mains AC
Integrate with Mains Power

For additional versatility, your system can be wired to use

240V mains AC as an alternative power supply. Ideal for

portable applications where you might not always have

access to mains, you can even set the system to automatically

prioritise a certain power source.

Stackable units for additional power
Stackable Units for Additional Power

If you require a larger system than a single unit than handle,

up to 4 units can be connected together using our parallel kit.

This allows the units to communicate and work together as a

single system.

LCD Control Panel
LCD Control Panel

Keep track of how your system is running at a glance, with

key data such as battery level, how much your solar is

producing, and overall system status. Customise the display

to show your preferred system measurements using the

navigation buttons.

Data Recording Software
Data Recording & System Configuration Software

Want a closer look at how your system is performing? With the

included monitoring software installed onto a laptop or computer,

all you need to do is connect via USB for a detailed view of

specifications, data, and system configuration. Almost every

aspect of the system is configurable, from power source priorities

to automatic system alert messages. Compatible with Windows and Linux.

Other Features

  • Compatible with AGM, Gel and SLA Batteries
  • Adjustable charge voltage and current
  • 2x inverter surge capacity (5s)
  • Overload, temperature and short circuit protection
  • Light weight high frequency transformer
  • Low standby current
  • Cold start function
  • Wall mountable 

Product Lines


Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Our deep cycle batteries have superior deep cycle construction which
results in them being rated to 1650 cycles at 30% discharge, with a
10-12 year build life. They are ideal for camping power, dual battery
systems, caravans, boats, and small off grid power solutions. 
3 - 5 year Pro Rata Warranty, depending on model
  • Built tough for all applications
  • Designed for the harsh Australian environment
  • Sealed, maintenance free construction (VRLA)
  • Ideal for frequent cyclic discharge
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance


Tubular Gel Batteries

Tubular Gel Batteries feature advanced battery technology which
enables them to boast an impressive 20 year designed service life
and 5500 cyclic life rating (30% DOD). Ideal for long life power storage,
such as in battery backup, complete off grid power, or hybrid systems,
Tubular Gel are some of the best batteries available on the market. 

7 year Pro Rata Warranty
  • Better safety performance and reliability
  • Designed service life of 20 years
  • Individual 2V cells provide increases resistance against failure.


High Discharge Batteries

Based on our Deep Cycle AGM batteries, our high discharge range has
an additive added during the construction that lowers the internal resistance
of battery, allowing for a greater current flow capacity while retaining the
deep cycle capabilities
3 - 5 year Pro Rata Warranty, depending on model
  • Performance excels at high rates of discharge & recharge
  • Designed for the harsh Australian environment
  • Sealed, maintenance free construction (VRLA)


Carbon Batteries

Q: What is a Carbon battery exactly?

A Carbon battery is a new type of battery where supercapacitor technology
is used in which the positive electrode is made of standard lead dioxide
andthe negative electrode is activated carbon.
Q: What is so good about them?
 - Based on well-proven technology, these batteries last longer (than AGM,
Gel or even most Lithium batteries)
 - Allow for greater depth of discharge (up to 100%)
 - Perform better in solar installations because of their capability to handle
partial states of charge
 - Are maintenance free
 - Are fully recyclable using the current recycle processes used for standard
Q: What sizes do they come in?

All our units are 2V and come in sizes from 240AH up to 2400AH.

This then allows you to combine them into banks of 12, 24 or 48v.

Q: What is their Depth of Discharge?

The batteries can be discharged all the way down to 100% and still
provide 1800 cycles. This is not to say this is the best use of the battery,
we recommend using a 30% DoD in standard off grid installations.
This will allow for 3 days autonomy and provide 7000 cycles (18-20 years!)
of battery life. The graph below illustrates the DoD vs the number of cyles

Q: Does it matter if we don't fully charge the batteries to 100%?

No, this is one of the great advantages in using Carbon batteries.
They have superior resistance against partial states of charge.
Especially in solar installations it is very common not to be able to fully
charge the batteries.

Q: What is the charge or discharge rate?

25% of the rated capacity of the battery. For example, the 2V 720AH
unit has 720 x 25% = 180A maximum discharge rate.
Q: Can they be used to replace existing AGM, Gel, Flooded or
Lithium batteries?
Yes, any standard 12v, 24v, or 48v bank and be changed into a Carbon
bank. Simply adjust the charger settings to match the Carbon units.
Q: Are they better than AGM & Gel batteries?
Yes. They last longer, perform better and are more cost effective than
AGM or Gel.

Q: Are they better than Lithium batteries?

Yes. Performance and lifespan is similar to lithium batteries. The
pricepoint is better and the usability in off grid systems is far superior.

Q: Do they require any maintenance?

No, they are fully sealed

Q: Can I put them outdoors?

No. Batteries (in general) perform best in controlled conditions. To
prevent temperature impacts, terminal corrosion and prevent possible
theft, we recommend putting the batteries inside. Our complete systems
are designed for indoor installation only.
Q: How long will they last for?
Depending on the Depth of Discharge, you can usually count on 18-20
years in an offgrid application.
Q: Can I use them in both offgrid and hybrid installations?
Yes, most Hybrid and Off Grid systems in the market are compatible
with these batteries.

Q: Do you provide the connectors & cables with a bank?

Yes, that is all included.

Q: What warranty do you provide?

3 Year full replacement warranty with 48 month Pro-Rata
replacement warranty. 

Clean Energy Council Approved

Giant Power Integrated Power Systems are approved as off grid inverters by the
Clean Energy Council (the peak body representing Australia's clean energy sector),
and are suitable for installation under the Renewable Energy Certificate scheme.


Australian Support, Warranty & Repairs

Our home grown Australian support staff are ready to assist if you ever find yourself 
having problems. We provide technical help and troubleshooting via phone and email,
so you can rest assured that you'll be in safe hands.
Giant Power blue circle Australia